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Finishing And Insulation Of Facades

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Finishing And Insulation Of Facades
Finishing And Insulation Of FacadesВ наявності
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  1. Foundation
  2. Ground
  3. Adhesive Layer
  4. Insulation
  5. Dowel
  6. Adhesive Layer
  7. Reinforcing Facade Glass Mesh
  8. Reinforcing Layer
  9. Ground
  10. Decorative Plaster
 Finishing And Insulation Of Facades. External Thermal Insulation Of The Facade Is A Popular Method Of Energy Saving, But It Is Also An Excellent Solution For Facade Decoration. The Parameters Inherent In Materials And Technologies Allow Solving Several Problems Simultaneously: Protection Against Negative Climatic Phenomena And Condensation (The Dew Point Is In The Insulation And Does Not Move Into The Wall); Heat Accumulation By Walls And Elimination Of The Dependence Of The Temperature In The Premises On The Orientation Of The Building; ~Soundproofing And Reducing The Level Of Street Noise; Decorative Transformation / Finishing Of The Facade.

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